Monday, April 7, 2014

Print that book for Cheap

If you ever wanted to be in the book printing and binding business take a look at  This organization has created a new website that has a list of all equipment needed and includes the vendor links.  The excellent website also features a video that teaches the printing and binding process.  The ink used by Spur Press is the new formula Aspen Ink from SME that was formulated specifically for the HP Office Jet ProX printers and AIO devices that print up to 70 pages per minute.

Tim Buchanan, CEO of Spur Press dedicated the site to those who want to put together and use the latest technology to print books on demand. Our primary focus is for mission and church organizations.  We are freely sharing what we know and invite others to do the same. This was a project that started with just an idea that we could create a robust print on demand system that would cost under $10,000 USD as a commercial venture.  When we finished, we realized that anyone could go on Amazon and order the components they needed for under $6,000 USD.  We decided that this was too important and could have such an incredible impact that we could not keep it to ourselves. Therefore we are giving away everything we know and look forward to people sharing their knowledge, so together we can set publishing free all over the world and in every language.

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